Sunday, August 13, 2017

Get in, or the problem of racism in America

A soft horror film like Get Out recreates the traps of ladino and sinuous liberal’s racism; and as a principle, it is true that liberalism is more insidiously racist than conservatism. The proof is on how the individual ability to overcome their difficulties —including the racial— was what allowed figures like Collin Power and Condolezza Rice; while on the supposedly liberal side, only by whitening force could Barack Obama overtake the Clinton dynasty. But that is even as a principle, and it is a fallacy to recognize the Democratic Party as liberal; when in fact it is the party of an oligarchy, that only differs from the Republican by its cosmopolitan elitism.
The problem of racism in the United States is anthropological, not merely political; and reducing it to its confluence in the founding of the Democratic Party —which is circumstantial— is another fallacy. Today, racism is a random element, which only becomes more visible —not more real— among Republicans; but only because the confluence on them of the aspirations of a great mass of people, marginalized by the accelerated and bloody development imposed by false liberalism.
It is also a fallacy to say that Trump won with the Republican vote, when what he did was only to get that candidacy, just as Bernie Sanders did with the Democrats; and then appealed to the party's most extreme and underrepresented factions, such as this violent extremism. Do not be fooled by the arrogant and manipulative rhetoric, Republicans are as false conservatives as false liberal are the Democrats; and President Trump himself is a lifelong Democrat, who only opted for this rhetoric when that party went so far as to nominate Obama (the false white) over the Clinton. 

Curious that there has not been a pronouncement from the Clintons about the recent violence, they may be justified by their elegant detachment; and it’s not a surprise the way Obama quotes Mandela, that is also rhetorical, and is what can be expected of his opportunism. The incendiary speech used by Trump is responsible for these tensions, giving reason to the democratic oligarchy that threatened us with his presidency; but this is at least the reality, not the faux peace with veiled threats that we would have lived in a Clinton term. Now everyone has the face uncovered, from Democrats trying to fish in the dirty river, to Republicans who refuse to play in that farce. 
In the end, no politician represents anything other than its own interests, the rest is idealism and mass manipulation; and the smart thing is to vote for those whose interests coincide with those of each person, who can be represented in this way. Beyond that, there is nothing but the insult of so much insensitive manipulation, rooted in the first irresponsibility of the president; but there is always the hope of time, which imposes the perspective and put each one in its place. 

The truth is that America has made a great ride since the secession’s war, and playing with this is only an irresponsible act; but above all else, it may be difficult to advance, but nobody can prevent it, because that is History itself and this is what real life is.

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