Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A lamentation for the first ladies

This is rather a lamentation for Melania Trump, because that perverse analogy with which he is praised; which is negative, because it is done to highlight the contrast with the first lady outgoing, Michelle Obama. Of course, the first mistake was the hypocrisy of false Democratic liberalism, which praised Michelle with those false values ​​of glamor and beauty; to which she could hardly obey, since beauty is a canon that bases its relativity on the proportion of power that holds itself as a political class, and this is white. No matter if it was the case of a black man's access to power, as the case with Barack Obama, it was a false value; first, because being still the first black president, was thus an exception and not the rule; but also, because it was not even a black purity, but rather a dark-skinned white boy.

The treatment of Michelle Obama as an icon of glamor and beauty seems then aimed at concealing this exceptionality; by which the false liberalism conditioned that presidency of Barack Obama exactly to its capacity to betray any aspiration of his race and even of his social origin, which is popular. It is against that falsehood against which traditional racism reacted, as a provocation; even more than because its own racist nature, because that was the proof of the liberal fallacy, showing its fangs of corruption. Michelle Obama is a great woman, because she got where she were despite not responding to that absurd canon of beauty and glamor; not only that, but unlike her husband, also maintained his personality throughout all that official position that falls as a fatality; even if, unlike her husband, she had that consistency because she had no choice, because as a woman she could not aspire to be seen as the dark-skinned white boy.

Therefore, to think that Melania Trump returns to the White House a tradition of glamor and class is laughable; especially since this has never been a tradition, but a casual eruption, whose last episode was Nancy Reagan and not Laura Busch, who was rather a normal woman; say even closer to the camaraderie of Michelle than to Jacqueline's delicacy, even if she did not dance. Even worse, the image of glamor offered by Melania is sad, because it is the model of the catwalk; that is, the dress’s hanger without personality, prepared to appear and not to be, the insubstantial woman. The same Jackie who is said to remember was a woman of the world, who eventually worked as a publisher of a magazine of relative importance; different from Melania, who —without hearing the malicious comments— did not even have an important portfolio in his modeling career, beyond some bold photos. Dare is not the problem, since anything that contravenes conventional morality is good and substantial; It is the way in which the eyes are closed to attribute her a personality that she does not have, ignoring the price she pays for that image of glamor, exquisiteness and power.

If Melania remembers Jackie, it is the Jackie Onassis and not the Kennedy, the woman humiliated by a frustrated husband in his attempt to penetrate the elites of traditional power; which is what allowed her to interpose between Aristotle and the wonderful soprano and intense Maria Callas. People forgive and justify Jackie in his attempt to secure the future of his children, as if they had been threatened by hunger; and that’s not to criticize, because in a cruel and ruthless world, everything is worth for just to breathe, and nobody knows what that means. However, it is cruel that she has to use this puerility and that her strength must be in that pretense of being weak; which is why this is a lamentation, trying to embarrass the stupidity of the most staunch racism and its consort, the superficiality.

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