Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sellout or the burst of Bernie or burst

The most surprising part of the American electoral process may not be the election of Donald Trump; it can be in the other process of the Democratic nomination, and reside in the sellout of Bernie Sanders. It must be accepted, Sanders is still the most charismatic and attractive figure in the entire electoral process; but even if the Democrats can be accused of manipulating the process, Bernie Sanders surrendered without the fight he promised. Little cared about his threats to stay vigilant from Hillary Clinton's left, that was not the purpose of his candidacy; and the proof is in how quickly his nomination became in the popular movement of the Bernie or burst. Unfortunately, the alternatives are always false, and to trade for the Bernie or burst was to bet on the burst; which began when without consulting with his followers, Bernie Sanders was tempte
d to a legislative majority.

In accepting the Democratic proposal, Bernie behaved with the same arrogance as the professional politicians he criticized; and worse still, betting on a majority that he existed only in the plans of that party so discredited that he had to run as its salvation. Thus, Bernie Sanders as Elizabeth Warren, would have acted with the same myopia of those same means that spokes of their own pride; and on such a disappointing basis, it is legitimate to wonder where his leadership would have led. Still the Democratic party does not seem to have understood what happened, nor the means that served it as spokesmen; It is understandable, their selfishness did not allow them to give priority to popular interests, not even for instinct of conservation. Indeed, the Democratic party has proved so short-sighted that it even lost the primacy of having the first black president; with an Obama who had to go down to mediocrity in his second term, highlighting the commitments that put him there; against the dignity of a Republican elite, in which Condoleezza Rice and Collin Powell arrived on their own merits, even if questionable; not in the abject bargain that left him powerless in the face of racially motivated police brutality and campaigning for his political enemy, like Obama.

Still, Democrats are not even licking their wounds with dignity, but they are demonstrating the clumsiness that they derided Republicans mockingly; at least, the Republicans will have had to accept a candidate they do not like, but they managed to secure a super legislative majority, showing more talent and efficiency than the Democrats. Today Bernie Sanders criticizes the same manipulations of the Democratic party that he accepted when he accepted that promise of leadership over a non-existent majority; more detached from reality than the same Catholic hierarchy, which names bishops on missing jurisdictions, but at least not on those to be won.

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