Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The American contraction

The ideologization of the American political debate —what makes it worse— may have start with Bill Clinton; setting a pattern, where middle class enrich with political practices, providing them a moral justification.  Until then, rhetoric was important, but in the United States it shied away from the ideological fields;  to the point that politicians of both parties always had been interchangeable, and even retained the ability —better among Republicans— to vote outside the party lines.
The authoritarian tradition, moreover, is no stranger to the Democratic liberalism; which being unable to align all its members, subordinate them in a system of superdelegates;  whereby the elite party no longer needs consensus to elect new members to governmental positions, turning away from its popular base. This problem could be the root of the political debacle of the 2016 elections, with the imposition of Hillary Clinton's candidacy; in which they not only lost the presidency but also sufficient legislative seats, leaving the Republicans to govern almost alone.
In this context, the figure of President Donald Trump is rather erratic and casual, profiting from the democratic debacle;  no only winning the presidency for the republicans, when their own tendency is towards the democratic liberalism. What is not understood here is that this disaster was caused by the excess of the democratic liberalism, which is not even traditional anymore; activating in their incontinence and arrogance, that reserve of evangelical traditionalism, which acts compulsively on the defensive.
The list of horrors from that evangelical extremism is broad and burdensome, covering all the aspects of the political spectrum; from health to tax code, as an inevitable defeat in an ideological confrontation. Ideological contradictions are not rational, it works as religious doctrines, and are only solved with war;  the unwillingness of Americans to fall into that kind of conflict, demonstrates that this culture developed by Democrats has not roots on the country, although wielded as a moral blackmail. In any case, this destruction of the Republican Party in the power means just a contraction in the development of the country’s political culture;  but that setback can be reversed at some point, no matter how far it has come.
What would not be reversible is the state of dystopia that the Democratic elite would have imposed with Hillary Clinton;  starting with Obama's health mandate, which did not solve the serious problem of the health system, and actually was a concession to insurers.  That same problem of Obama's health mandate, illuminate the other of governmental authoritarianism; which instead to set a real measures, simply impose its authority over the population, taken its sovereignty, and making its own mistakes as moral dogmas.
But that is not the only nor the most important problem, outside this revelation of the compulsory character of their actions; worse yet and more serious would be the populist culture, ruled by media barons like Facebook, Google or Amazon;  that depending on regulatory subtleties such as the so-called net neutrality, hijacks the entire network of the national market, at almost monopolistic levels. As an example, it is thanks to that popular measure that Adobe binds its customers in a subscription, as is trying Amazon; at the same time, it gradually homogenizes collective thinking, with addictive and superfluous services such as those of social networks.
It should draw attention the peculiarity that none of these services have a policy or culture of costumer services;  a characteristic developed even by the big corporations of liberal affiliation, to apologize with simple formulas for the problems they cause to their clients.  This kind of management of internet was even what allowed Obama to draw attention of the party leadership;  imposing himself over Hillary Clinton, for his charisma and youth, but making it clear that he would correctly fulfill her functions, instead of the change he proposed to the public.
Trump administration will pass, and perhaps left the country in worse status that it had when he assumed;  but none of that is unrecoverable, and perhaps even promote a popular revolt within the Democratic Party against its elitism.  Better still, it may get such a development of political practices, that the bipartisan system is overcome by a truly plural one;  for it must be admitted that even this desideologized calm of interchangeable politicians only leads to the creation of a cynical elite with its very own interests. 

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